IPAnalyzer is developed for angle-dispersive X-ray diffraction experiments using flat or columnar  area detectors.

Many type of image files (Rigaku R-AXIS, Fuji BAS, Perkin Elmer flatpanel, HDF, etc.) are supported, and can be converted to one-dimensional diffraction patterns.

IPAnalyzer can be downloaded below (IPAnalyzerSetup.msi).

Recent version histories.
ver3.898(2020/10/25) Fixed a bug on loading ITEX image.
ver3.897(2020/10/25) Improved SACLA EH5 mode.
ver3.896(2020/10/15) Fixed minor bugs (Find Center, Correction of polarization, etc.).
ver3.895(2020/08/13) Fixed bugs on Macro functions.
ver3.894(2020/08/08) Improved SACLA EH5 mode.

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