The software “ReciPro” supports many crystallographic calculations, simulation of/indexing  diffraction pattern, and so on.

The newest ReciPro ver4.693(2019/08/06) is available from below links.

Click Once version (this version will be not maintained in the future)
Msi installer version  

Main features of ReciPro

  • ReciPro provides many crystallographic calculations for 530 (Hall symbol) space groups
    • General conditions (or extinction rules), Wyckoff positions, multiplicities.  
    • Geometrical calculation of periodicity and/or angle between planes and/or axes 
    • Generation of equivalent atomic positions
  • ReciPro includes many atomic properties
    • Characteristic X-ray wavelength/energy
    • Atomic scattering factor for X-ray, electron and neutron
  • ReciPro can simulate diffraction patterns
    • X-ray, electron, and neutron sources are available.
    • Kinematic simulations for the all sources
    • Dynamic simulations for electron based on the Bethe method as follows
      • Parallel electron diffraction (SAED)
      • Precession electron diffraction
      • Convergent beam electron diffraction
  • ReciPro draws crystal structure using OpenGL4
    • Atomic positions
    • Bonds and Polyhedra
    • Unit cell and lattice planes
  • ReciPro plots stereonet (Wulf-net)
    • Axes and planes of any indices
    • Large and small circles
  • ReciPro identifies diffraction spots in the observed image
    • Support many file format (dm3, dm4, tiff, …)
    • Detect and fit diffraction spots automatically
    • Identify (or index) the diffraction spots for the selected crystal(s).   
  • To setup a crystal structure, you can
    • Import from CIF, AMC format files
    • Import from COD and AMCSD database through CSManager


Recent version histories
ver4.693(2019/08/06) Fixed minor bugs on 'Spot ID'
ver4.692(2019/08/05) Improved function on 'Spot ID'
ver4.687(2019/08/02) Improved calculation speed for the PED simulation
ver4.686(2019/07/24) Fixed minor bugs in PED simulation
ver4.683(2019/07/20) Added a function: In 'Diffraction Simulator', precession electron diffraction (PED) mode is now available.


Screen shots of ReciPro

Main window


Structure viewer. (garnet)


Structure viewer. (quartz)


Parallel beam electron diffraction pattern of forsterite.


Convergence beam electron diffraction pattern of silicon [111]


Table of scattering factors



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