ReciPro supports crystallographic calculations, simulation of/indexing  diffraction pattern, and so on.

The newest ReciPro (ver4.29 (2017/09/01)) can be downloaded from below links.

ClickOnce version (which can check for newer versions  and automatically replace updated files)

Zip file version   (if you cannot install above version, download this one)



Recent version histories

ver4.29 (2017/09/01) Added 'Point Spread' mode on 'Single Crystal Diffraction'.
ver4.283(2017/05/28) Fixed a smoll bug on 'Strain control' function'.
ver4.282(2017/05/26) Added 'Strain control' function'.
ver4.281(2017/04/26) Improved SACLA simulation on 'Single Crystal Diffraction'.
ver4.280(2016/12/31) Improved a compatibility for CIF format.
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