The software “ReciPro” supports many crystallographic calculations, simulation of/indexing  diffraction pattern, and so on.

The newest ReciPro ver4.817(2021/09/17) is available from below links.

ReciPro can be downloaded below (ReciProSetup.msi).


Main features of ReciPro

  • ReciPro provides many crystallographic calculations for 530 (Hall symbol) space groups
    • General conditions (or extinction rules), Wyckoff positions, multiplicities.  
    • Geometrical calculation of periodicity and/or angle between planes and/or axes 
    • Generation of equivalent atomic positions
  • ReciPro includes many atomic properties
    • Characteristic X-ray wavelength/energy
    • Atomic scattering factor for X-ray, electron and neutron
  • ReciPro can simulate diffraction patterns
    • X-ray, electron, and neutron sources are available.
    • Kinematic simulations for the all sources
    • Dynamic simulations for electron based on the Bethe method as follows
      • Parallel electron diffraction (SAED)
      • Precession electron diffraction
      • Convergent beam electron diffraction
  • ReciPro draws crystal structure using OpenGL4
    • Atomic positions
    • Bonds and Polyhedra
    • Unit cell and lattice planes
  • ReciPro plots stereonet (Wulf-net)
    • Axes and planes of any indices
    • Large and small circles
  • ReciPro identifies diffraction spots in the observed image
    • Support many file format (dm3, dm4, tiff, …)
    • Detect and fit diffraction spots automatically
    • Identify (or index) the diffraction spots for the selected crystal(s).   
  • To setup a crystal structure, you can
    • Import from CIF, AMC format files
    • Import from COD and AMCSD database through CSManager


Recent version histories
ver4.817(2021/09/17) Fixed minor bugs.
ver4.815(2021/09/02) Improved: User interfaces and tooltips.
ver4.814(2021/08/29) Fixed minor bugs: Drawing overlapping area of CBED disks (see
ver4.813(2021/08/28) Fixed minor bugs on HRTEM simulation (see
ver4.812(2021/08/17) Changed GUI. Fixed minor bugs.


Screen shots of ReciPro

Main windw

Structure viewer


Structure viewer. (quartz)

Parallel beam electron diffraction pattern of forsterite.


Convergence beam electron diffraction pattern of silicon [111]


Table of scattering factors

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